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Live Debat

World Health Organization

Taking a deep-dive in the policy considerations of the WHO report on arts and health, this session will bring together representatives from policy, the health sector, and civil society to explore the obstacles to mainstreaming arts and health at a national level.

The panel debate will focus on concrete mechanisms at the local, regional, national level that can help create an environment in which arts and health interventions can thrive in order to better support healthcare in Denmark. The session will also explore the role of WHO in supporting these initiatives, as well as the role of Denmark as an international champion of the field.

Administered by Niels Fietje (research officer for WHO Europa) with the participation of Anders Kühnau (Chairman of the Regional Council, Central Denmark Region), Pernille Weiss (member of the European Parliament), Ida Götke (Director of Nurses, Central Denmark Region), Lisbeth Sagen (founder of "Musikberiget" at Rigshospitalet) and Anni Syrjäläinen (project advisor, Nordic Culture Foundation). 



Mikkel Ottow
+45 40 92 67 09

Amalie Møller Christensen
+45 24 75 37 95


Kultur som Sundhedsfremme er en digital afløser for den fysiske konference, der skulle have været afholdt 2. september 2020, men som blev aflyst på grund af corona-situationen. Her kan du opleve en lang række digitale oplæg og møde mange af de oplægsholdere, der skulle have deltaget på konferencen.